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Top Conformation Cockers in Canada
MRBIS BISS BPIS GChS Am Ch  Madilane’s Northern Light  "NORTH"
Dog (By MBIS MBISS GChP Clerwood Silhouette Speed of Light  Ex  GCh Madilane’s Blame It On Love
Bred, Owned and Loved by Cathy A Yeager of Madilane Kennels Registered since 1997
Handled and Loved by Chris Downing
(995 points)
"North is an amazing dog with type, substance, bone, correct movement, correct coat, amazing temperament, capable of speed covering ground and loves to show.  He goes back to my foundation bitch of 27 years ago Ch Silverdi’s Rose of Madilane.  North was shown on a very limited basis and did very well in 2023.  We are very proud of him."

GChS Mar-K’s Here We Go Again! RN NS DS NTD CGN VN "Ditto"

Dog (By AMGCh CANCh AUSTCh NZCh Mar-K's Prologue Ex AMCh Mar-K's Hot Topic e)

Owners: Monique Malcolm & Pat Fontaine

Breeders: Mark J. Ragusa & Marlene Ness

Handler: Monique Malcolm

(1,317 points)


Ch Mar-K’s Secret Mission CGC TKN “Hunter”


Owner & Handler: Annie Williams

Breeders: Marlene Ness & Mark J. Ragusa

(1,098 points)

GCh Nickleodeon's Fanciful Dreamer "Danny"
Owners & Breeders: Kay Nickle, Kathy Fullerlton, & Betty Soulsby
Handlers, Kathy Fullerson, Kyle Ace and Team Ace

(413 points)
GCh Begay N Sebastian's Power of Persuasion "JJ"
Dog (By AmCh Pbj's N Janfred's Parti Rock Ex AmCh Pbj's TTri Look Into The Future)
Owners & Breeders: Kim Kaufmann & Gay Ernst
Handler: Kim Kaufmann

(2,509 points)
2016    2017    2018
MBIS MRBIS MBISS GChX Fanciful's Let The Games Begin RN "Epic"
Dog (By AMGCHG CANCH Mario N Beechwood's Midnight Express ROM, CGC  Ex  Fanciful's Copadale Dresden Doll)
Owner:& Handler: Monique Malcolm
Breeders: Betty Soulsby & Denise Copas

(1,172, 984 & 1,702 points respectively)
2013   2014   2015
GCh KMan's Golden Treasure "Zack"
Dog (By AmGCh CanCh Sjoblom's All That He Touches Ex AmCh Be-Fit's Single But Lookin)
Owners: Valerie Mackie, Bernie & Sharon Reddick & Kim Wiseman
Breeders: Kim Wisem
an & Wayne Lizotte
Handlers: Bernie Reddick & Valerie Mackie

(1,234, 1,721 & 2,122 points respectively)
2011    2012 
MBIS MBISS GChX Mario N Beechwood's Midnight Express CGN "Ace"
Dog (By AmCan GCh Beechwood's Expressing It Best Ex North Creek's Numbers Game.)
Owners: Frank & Cathy Charest & Mark & Pam Ragusa
Breeders: Mark & Pam Ragusa
Handler: Marlene Ness

(6408, & 16, 222 points respectively)

"Every now and then a dog comes along who is special enough to change the course of many peoples' lives, and he was certainly one of them for me. I think this particular photo conveys the magic of his ability to inspire and to remind us all that heartfelt determination and persistence should never be underestimated."
2012 Westminster Kennel Club Best of Variety Winner
2012 Number One Dog Among All Breeds in Canada

2014 American Spaniel Club National Specialty Winner
GCh Beechwood's Expressing it Best CGN
Dog (By AmCan Ch Brickett's Shot In The Dark LOMX VP Ex  AmCh Beechwood's Starlight Express)
Owners: Frank & Cathy Charest
Handler: Marlene Ness

(3,800 points)
2007   2008   2009
GCh Southern's Red White & Blue CGN "Blue"
Dog (By AmCh Charlot's Makers Mark LOM-HT Ex AmCh Foxhill's Springbreak)
Owner, Breeder, Handler: Theresa Plishka
(4,008 (2007)  & 3,551 (2009) points)
2005    2006
Ch Riverside's Tin Cup "Kevin"
Dog (By Ch Dalin's Double Talk Ч  Ex Ch Riverside's Lasting Impression)
Owner, Lisa Arnett, Nicole Ashby & M. Tokarski
Breeder: Sue Osterland
Handler: Lisa Arnett
(2,570, 5,756 points respectively)
AmCanCh Beechwood's Starlight Express
Bitch (By AmMexCh Jo-Bea's Diamond Trader  LOMX Ex AmCanCh Snowy River Stardust)
Owners & Breeders Frank & Cathy Charest
Handler: Marie Santos

(4178 points)
BIS BISS CanCh AmCh Nicklelodeon's Livin La Vida Loca "Ricky"
(By AmCan Ch Nickleodeon's Devil May Dare Ex CanCh Mapleapyr's Nickelodeon)      
Owner & breeder: Kay Nickle
(3624 points)
BIS CanCh AmCh  Classic's Mystical Image
(By CanAm Ch Nickleodeon's Devil May Dare Ex Am Ch Quasar's Ca;tured Image)
(2,652 points)
MBIS MBISS AmCan Ch Redjack's Black Jack "Jackson"
Dog (By AmCan Ch Ashenafay Jiltee's St. Nicholas Ex AmCan Ch Micadee's Action Shot)
Owners & Breeders: Sharon & Bernie Reddick
Handler: Bernie Reddick

"Owned, bred and shown by Bernie and Sharon Reddick, Jackson was a beautiful cocker spaniel. In 2001, Jackson earned 34 Best of Breeds, 27 Group placements and 4 Best in Shows."
3,180 points)
1999  2000
MBIS BISS CanCh AmCh Nickleodeon's Bobbie Magee "Bobbie"
Dog (By AmCan Ch Nickleodeon's Devil May Dare Ex AmCh Kamps' Kountry Tridition)
Owners: Pat & Alfons Konrad
 Kay Nickle
(4,878 & 8,193 points respectively)


MBIS MBISS AmCan Ch Ashenafay Jiltee St. Nicholas "Nick"
Dog (By AmCh La-Shay's Bart Simpson Ex AmCanCh FBDCh Jiltee's Ashenafay Street Walker NA AmCanCDX CGC TT
Owner: Jill Rutherford & Kathy Lingman
Breeder: Kathy Lingman
Handler: Bernie Reddick

"A consummate show dog, in 1998 Nick earned 52 Best of Breeds, 33 Group placements and a Best in Show!"
(2,137 points)
BIS BISS AmCanCh Calowa's Artful Dodger "Dodger"
Dog (By AmCan Ch Jack's Gold Dust of Silverdi Ex CanCh  Que Sera Sera
Owner/Breeder: Lorri Smith
 Peter and Michelle Scott
Dodger was #1 American Cocker and #9 Sporting  in 1997 nd in our hearts was a PERFECT "10" Dodger’s wins included BIS, BISS and several Group placements. He also placed 4th in Group at the prestigious Show of Shows held in Ottawa, Ontario. Dodger was wonderfully presented by Peter and Michelle Scott.
(2,175 points)
MBIS MBISS CanCh Norwyn's Idol Gossip "Vinnie"
Dog (By AmCan Ch Linway's Idol Rich x Norwyn's Suzy Creme Cheez
Owners & Breeders: Maxine & Hector Norris
Handler: Bernie Reddick

"Owned by Maxine and Hector Norris, Vinnie was shown by Bernie Reddick to 49 Best of Breeds, 31 Group placements, and 2 Best in Shows in 1996. Vinnie was a spectacular show dog who "came to life" the minute he entered the ring!"
(1,969 points)
BIS BISS Ch Ashbee's This Diamond's Mine
Dog (By AmCanCh Homestead's Diamond Jim Ex Ch Homestead's Showtime)
Owner & Breeder: Linda Williamson
Handler: Kimberly Kaufmann
(1,726 points)
AMCH Bluei's Lacey P
Bitch (By AmCh Lurola's Edward P x CanCh K-Nine Lisa)
(2,098 points)
BIS BISS Ch Kataxin's Krypto-Mite TT "Phoenix"
 Dog (By BISBISSCanCh  Kataxin's Kilo-Mite Ex CanCh Sarcee's Kataxin's Tri-Stel 
Owner & Breeder: Geri Mozel
Handled exclusively by Leanne MacIver

(1,510 points)
Ch Tumorose Black Moon Rising
(2,118 points)
1990  1991
MBIS AmCan Ch Tagalong's Shadyhill Storm ROM-HT LOM-HT TT

Dog (By AmMex Ch Tagalong's Macho Man Ex Frandee's Ms Tagalong)
Owner: Jean DeWolfe, John Zolezzi & Deborah Bertrand
Handler: Kyle Robinson; Jean DeWolfe
(1,716 and 5,541 points respectively)
AmCan Ch Sespanir Make My Day
Dog (By AmCan Ch Homestead's Diamond Jim Ex CanCh Sesppanir Saffron)
Owners: Joyce & Don Edelson
(3,992 points)
AmCanCh Dayglo's Rip Van Wrinkles "Rip"
Dog  (AmCan Ch Spanco's Spic N Span x Can Ch Wingborn's Devotion)
Owner: Gloria Armstrong
(2,252 points)
MBIS Ch Tupelo's Lady Ashley "Ashley"
Owners: Bill & Grace Mitchell
Breeders: Keith & Betty Woods
Handler: Grace Mitchell
1985  1986
MBIS MBISS AmCan Ch Homestead's Diamond Jim "Disco"
Dog (By Ch Homestead's McKieran Shelby Ex Ch Homestead's Peaches & Cream)
Owner: Colleen Davies, Showtime Kennel, reg'd
Breeders: Brian & Marlene Rickertson, Homestead Kennel reg'd

Handler: Mark Dakin & Tad Dakin

"Disco became a part of my life when we drove to Lincoln, Nebraska to pick him up in August of 1983. He was 3 months old and the most beautiful, playful, puppy I had ever seen. He started his show career shortly after turning 6 months old - and completed his championship in 3 shows He was shown on and off during 1984 - winning and placing in multiple groups- as well as Best in Show. We decided to campaign him in 1985. At the end of that year - he was Canada’s #1 Am. Cocker Spaniel, #1 Sporting Dog and #2 All Breeds in Canada. In Limited showing in 1986 - Disco was Canada’s #1 Am. Cocker Spaniel and #2 Sporting Dog. He also won Best of Variety in January 1986 at the American Spaniel Club Specialty in New Jersey. In limited showing in the USA and Canada in 1986, 1987 & 1988 -  Disco won multiple BB, BOV’s, Group placings, Best in Specialty and Best in Show wins.  He was also No. 4 Parti Colour Cocker in the USA in 1987.  Disco has sired multiple Canadian and American champions - including BIS, BISS, BPIS  and group winners  I still miss his outgoing, playful, loving personality everyday."
1983  1984
MBIS CanAmCh Gladyan's Kountry Stuff "Teddy"
Dog (ByCh Butch's Kountry Boy Ex Ch Cobb's Moonglo)
Owner: Judy Prouty
Breeder: Gladys von Horn
Handlers: Bob & Delores Burkholder; Mark Dakin & Ted Dakin; Bob & Elaine Whitney; Kim Kaufmann

""Teddy" will forever remain a dream come true! In limited showing for the two years, Teddy was Canada's top American Cocker Spaniel in 1983 and 1984, placing ninth and then fourth in very competitive Sporting Groups. Teddy won 10 Best in Shows, setting very high standards for future American Cockers in Canada. Teddy would have been proud of the winning ways of so many of his offspring, including Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show and Group, Group and Group placing and Specialty Winners.

"My very best friend" will forever remain a *star* - until we meet again.
 AmCan Ch Mica's Freedom of Choice CD "Devo"
Dog (By AmCh Alorah's En Garde Ex Van-Dor Mica Rose)
Owner & Handler: Patty (Watson) Panchuk
Breeder: Mildred Cates
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